Top stories this morning 8/3/2015

A store clerk is okay after a smash and grab in southwest Houston. Police four people in a truck made off with the a-t-m at the Ocee food mart on Richmond It happened around three this morning. The suspects fled the scene and haven't been caught.

Police are looking for the suspects behind another smash and grab. This one happened around 3-30 this morning at a 24-seven store on Orem, in southwest Houston. Police say three men, all wearing ski masks, smashed the glass door to the store. They broke open an ATM, taking an unknown amount of money. The suspects took off on foot into a nearby wooded area.

Texas Equusearch is looking for a missing man in clear lake. Antonio martins were last seen on Thursday. The 24 year old is from Dickinson. Search volunteers are using all-terrain vehicles to check wooded areas.

A wing flap found on reunion island last week was a from a Boeing 7-77 jet. Malaysia’s transport minister confirmed the news today, following an analysis by French investigators. Malaysia airlines flight 3-70, which was a Boeing 7-77, went missing more than 15 months ago. Officials say a new piece of debris, found Sunday, turned out to be not related to the plane.
Astronaut Scott Kelly received a unique tweet at the international space station. It came from President Obama. He asked Kelly is he ever looks out of the window and just freaks out. Kelly’s responded, saying he doesn't freak out about anything, except for getting a tweet from mister president.