Top stories on Thursday

Your look at the top stories, upcoming events, and things to know today:

  • Police are searching for at least two people who shot a woman and attacked her husband with a Taser at a southwest Houston apartment complex. The couple's two children were also inside the apartment unit on Corporate Drive near Beechnut Street when the intruders entered the home. The children were not hurt, but the husband and wife are both in stable condition. 
  • A man was shot and killed as he was trying to pump gasoline into his vehicle at a southeast Houston fuel station. Officers say the man who was shot saw the man with the gun and ran toward him. The shooting victim was struck by a vehicle on Cullen Road near Reed Road and was shot. The shooter was last seen in champagne-colored Chevrolet Impala. The driver of the vehicle that struck the shooting victim stopped to check on him.    
  • A police vehicle chase ends with three people arrested on drug charges. Police say a driver refused to stop for officers on South Gessner Road near West Bellfort Avenue in southwest Houston at around 3 a.m. Thursday. During the chase, police say the driver tossed cocaine of the window. When the vehicle crashed, officers arrested the driver and two passengers and found more drugs inside the car.
  • Investigators are trying to determine what started a 2-alarm fire at a hotel construction site in northwest Houston. Firefighters found flames coming from the building on Park Row Boulevard near Barker-Cypress Road early on Thursday morning. They put out the flames and no one was hurt in the fire.
  • Texas Governor Greg Abbott has more than $17 million in his campaign fund, six months after he was sworn in. The names of his most generous donors will be disclosed next week as part of the required campaign finance filing process. Abbott raised almost $47 million during his campaign.  
  • Your chances of winning the Powerball lottery jackpot will be slimmer, specifically, 1 in 192 million. On the positive side, the chances of someone winning a $1 billion jackpot are 7.5 times higher.  
  • Police are conducting an investigation into a video that appears to show singer Ariana Grande licking donuts at a shop in California. She has apologized for saying "I hate America" in that video. Grande is no longer performing at the MLB All-Star concert on Saturday. Demi Lovato will perform instead. 
  • Actor Tom Selleck is accused of diverting truckloads of water from a public hydrant to his southern California avocado farm. He owns a 60-acre ranch in an area where residents are required to reduce water usage by nearly 40 percent because of the drought affecting the state. The water district wants Selleck to pay for legal fees and a private investigator.