Top stories on Friday

Here's a look at the stories we're following in the fox 26 newsroom. Police are searching for the gunman who shot and killed a man sitting at a traffic light in southwest Houston. Officers tell us someone in a silver pick-up truck shot at the man's car along Dunlap near Bellaire. The man's car rolled to a stop in a yard, and he was found dead inside the car. It's not clear if alcohol was a factor in a deadly crash in spring. 

    Harris county deputies say last night, a man driving a white car pulled into traffic right in front of a pick-up truck on Hannover forest near f-m 29-20.The pick-up truck driver couldn't stop and slammed into the car the car driver died.

Newly released surveillance video shows the moments leading up to when John Houser opened fire in a Louisiana theater. Houser is seen purchasing a ticket and walking down a hallway to the theater, where he opened fire inside. Two people were killed and nine others injured. Houser then killed himself. 

Crews are scouring the waters near the Indian Ocean Island of reunion in hopes of finding more debris from the Malaysia airlines flight 3-70.Investigators plan to analyze what appears to be part of the plane's wing Officials don't believe a piece of luggage found nearby is connected.

A fourth video has surfaced accusing planned parenthood of selling aborted fetal tissue. The anti-abortion group the center for medical progress released the video showing negotiations. Senate republicans are pushing a bill to defund Planned Parenthood; white house has said it will not support it.

Today, presidential candidate Hillary Clinton is expected to urge congress to lift the trade embargo on Cuba. The democrat will deliver a speech in Miami, saying it's in the best interest of Americans and Cubans that the two nations have normal relations. The message puts Clinton in line with the president.

Former president George h-w bush is giving the thumbs up' as he recovers from a broken bone in his neck the 91-year-old posted this picture on his twitter page. Bush broke the bone in his neck during a fall on July 15th at his summer home in Maine. Doctors are letting the fractured vertebra heal on its own.