Tips to stay safe while shopping this tax-free weekend, among gun safety concerns

"We want people to feel safe, we don't want people to be paralyzed with fear," Houston Mayor Sylvester Turner told FOX 26.

The mayor made it clear.

Houstonians should not let fear keep them from taking advantage of tax-free weekend.

"We are treating this like a major Super Bowl event, we want them to know we are doing everything to keep them safe," Turner said. "A million and a half dollars, specifically in overtime, to add more police force power."

Even with the added police presence, everyone still needs to do a 360 when they arrive at their shopping destination.

"You can still sit in your vehicle and look around, and if you see something unusual don't get out just leave the area," said security expert Hanan Yadin.

In the event of an active shooter situation, do all you can to get away.

"Stay away, run away from the gunfire, run to where you can hide behind vehicles or solid cover," Yadin said.

Never approach the shooter.

"Even if you have a license to carry, your job is basically to protect yourself from the line of fire," said Yadin.