Thousands help boy find his missing Woody doll

For 12-year-old Austin Thompson of Nacogdoches, Woody from the movie Toy Story is more than just his favorite toy – it’s his friend. Austin has Down syndrome and his mother says the pair have been inseparable for at least seven years.

Woody joined Austin and his family at an Astros game on Friday at Minute Maid Park. Unfortunately, Woody accidently got left behind.

“Friday, Woody got stuck at the baseball [game],” Austin said.

His mother, Heather Thompson, says Woody is still missing but, regardless of what happens, she’s overwhelmed by the love thousands have shown her son.

“When you have a child with special needs you think people are going to be mean to him, how many struggles is he going to have in his life, and for people to be so nice, it’s just really refreshing,” Heather told FOX 26.

Heather’s post about their search for Woody has more than 3,500 shares. She says the staff at Minute Maid Park also searched for the doll and even went through surveillance video to see if they could spot Woody.

“We were Astros’ fans before. But I think we’re bigger fans now because everyone has been so helpful,” she added.

For now, Heather says they had to get a new Woody doll to console Austin, but he’s still hoping to find his doll.

“Austin’s original Woody has had his head sown back on and his hands sown back on. We’ve lost pieces of him and he was very worn,” Heather explained.

However, if Woody is found or replaced, Heather says she incredibly grateful to all who have offered to help.

“For one little boy, who lost one little toy to have all this help. I really appreciate it so much,” she said.

“Thank you very much,” Austin said.