The Breakdown - fashionable respiratory masks

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention releases a range for the average amount of     deaths we can expect each flu season. It's wide, anywhere from 12,000 to 56,000. The agency is projecting it will approach the 56,000 end.

Do you remember in the early 2000s when the SARS outbreak had people wearing respiratory masks in public? That "trend" has re-emerged for the current flu season.

There are plenty of pattern choices available on Amazon and plenty of people taking selfies proving that you would be far from the only one with a fashionable prevention method.

The University of Maryland did say you can contract the flu from breathing.

37 children have already died as a result of the flu in the U.S. during the season.

Concordia High School school in central Texas shut its doors after almost a third of the school population became ill.

With so many people getting sick, hospitals are having to use tents to have enough room for all of them.

How do you die from the flu? Usually, it is the result of a secondary infection. An immunology doctor at the Children's Hospital of Philadelphia once estimated a third of flu deaths are from a bacteria infecting your already-sick body, often with pneumonia.

An infectious disease expert once explained to Scientific America that your immune system can overreact to the virus, destroying too much of your body in its fight.

There are cases of organ failure or cases where your existing medical condition worsens while you fight the flu. 
Keep washing your hands and consider a flu vaccination and maybe grab a mask.