Texas siblings buy dad's old Mustang, sold years earlier to support family

Two siblings in San Antonio, Texas, proved they noticed every sacrifice their father made for their family when they bought back a beloved Mustang he had sold to support them.

San Antonio resident Wesley Ryan sold his prized 1993 Ford Mustang GT in the early 2000s to help pay for his wife Laura’s spiraling medical bills after she was diagnosed with cancer.

Seventeen years later, Wesley’s children, Jake and Jeni Ryan, conspired to buy it back and surprise him.

Jake said that he was “blessed enough” to find the car again and came to an agreement with its previous owner.

“Me and my sister both grew up in this car since we were in diapers. Many memories growing up with it with a dream to have it as my own one day,” he wrote on Facebook.

Jake said he spotted the car on Craigslist two years ago but couldn’t agree on a price with the owner.

When it appeared online a few weeks ago, he jumped on the opportunity and bought the car with help from Jeni and her boyfriend.

The emotional reveal was made in a video shared to Jake’s Facebook page. The clip had earned over 3,800 views at the time of writing.