Texans WR DeAndre Hopkins tweets support to Barbers Hill senior amid dreadlock controversy

Houston Texans' wide receiver DeAndre Hopkins is speaking out in support of a Barbers Hill senior who is in the middle of a controversy surrounding his dreadlocks.

De'Andre Arnold has been growing his dreadlocks in a traditional Trinidadian style for eight years. Just a few months before he's due to graduate, De'Andre has been found in violation of hair length in the dress code.

Hopkins, who is known to have dreadlocks, tweeted De'Andre telling him to never cut his locks.

De'Andre and his family are continuing to fight the district because they say the dress code is a violation of his civil right to wear dreadlocks.

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Barbers Hill ISD issued this statement Tuesday:

"Barbers Hill ISD has a long-standing dress code, but we absolutely allow dreadlocks. What we do not allow is any action that circumvents or violates the provision regarding hair length. The student in question was NEVER forbidden from attending school. The U.S. Constitution allows a school board the right to implement local community expectations, and Barbers Hill ISD’s continual academic and extra-curricular successes are a direct result of our communities’ high expectations."