Teen survives after car goes off a parking garage and lands on building

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Houston fire crews say Sunday afternoon a teenager drove a car off the top of a garage parking lot and onto a neighboring business, six stories below. His car landed upside down.

"We were just driving by. We had lunch around the corner, we saw all the fire ambulances and fire engines and then we drive down here and see that and we are like wow", says Jeff Schultz who was driving by with his daughter.

Luckily the boy was able to escape from the vehicle, some witnesses even say they saw him walking away.

"Once the vehicle made impact with the building he was able to self extricate, get out of the vehicle, make his way through the debris, crawl out and we got him and transferred him for care to the ambulance", says Station 16 Captain Al Castillo.

Owners of the businesses inside the complex were shocked to come in and see a car through the roof.

"Then I showed up and I could see the parking garage behind the building and I was like oh my God a car really came down", says owner of Dessert Gallery Sara Brook who rushed over when she heard what happened.

Doug Hermance owns the hardware store that got directly hit and describes what happened inside his business. "There's three or four inches of water in our space and all of the wiring and everything is just, he went right through everything", says Hermance.

Even though the shops are closed for the day and repairs will need to be done, everyone is talking about how grateful they are that the teenager is okay.

"It's unbelievable that anybody lived through that", says Hermance.