TEA school rankings released, Wheatley HS gets F

While Kashmere High School celebrates getting a passing grade from the Texas Education Agency, it’s a complete different story just four miles down the road.

Wheatley High School was given a F because of a technicality. The school scored a 63 but since it failed in...the score was dropped to a 59.

Last year, the school got a waiver because of Harvey, but it’s failed 7 years in a row. State law requires the state to intervene. It may either temporarily take over the School board or close the school. 

Many believe the school is on its way to pass next year and hope it can get another chance.

“It’s always the darkness before the dawn. Stay the course. It’s hard, very hard work, but they can do it,” said Lottie Williams to encourage those at Wheatley High School.

“It’s important —  the stuff that they have here going in for them,” Francis Garcia told FOX 26. Her son is an incoming senior.

“We need more textbooks and stuff, so we can pass,” said Paul Butler, a sophomore. 

But as for what should happen to the school board, people are divided.

“I think they need to take them out because they don’t get anything done. You cannot get anything done with politics,” opined Johnny Robinson, who graduated from Kashmere High School in 1967.

“I don’t think they should take over the school board. if they see some things that need to be worked on, maybe work with them, guide them,” added Williams, Kashmere High School Class of 1980.

No word yet on what the TEA will do.