Take it to Akin: Handicap Parking

A $200 towing charge was not in Wendy Mitchell's budget. She said it made for a very expensive night at the Rodeo.

" I was coming back from a concert at the rodeo so it was late, and a lot of time there is no parking," Mitchell explained.

Mitchell said since it was dark when she parked, she didn't see the stenciled handicapped wheelchair icon on the ground of the parking space close to her unit. She said there was no standing sign posted in front of the parking space. She said since she had parked there before, she parked there again.

The next morning, when she came out to get into her car to go to the doctor, her car was gone.

She said the manager told her she was parked in a handicapped spot and was therefore towed.

But Mitchell pointed out, "There is no sign."

Unlike the handicapped parking spot next to it, the space where Mitchell parked didn't have a mounted sign...only the icon on the asphalt. And that's not proper handicapped identification. When FOX 26 News pointed this out to the apartment owner, she agreed there was no sign. She also agreed the apartment needed to reimburse Mitchell for the tow.

The owner said she will make sure all handicapped parking spots have a mounted sign as well as the wheelchair icon.