SUV slams into tow trucks blocking fatal crash

One person died and several people were taken to the hospital after two separate crashes at the same location in north Harris County.

The first crash happened around 2 a.m. Sunday on 1960 near Aldine Westfield. Harris County deputies say a pickup truck slammed into a car, splitting it in half.  A person in the car died and two passengers were taken to the hospital. Witnesses tell police the driver of the pickup truck got out and showed signs of intoxication. Witnesses say they did not see where the driver went, and deputies believe someone may have picked him up.

According to HCSO, while tow trucks were blocking the scene, an SUV crashed into three of the tow trucks. The driver was taken to a hospital. HCSO says an investigator is conducing a DWI investigation on the driver. No tow truck drivers reported any injuries, but one passenger in a tow truck was taken to the hospital.

Anyone with information on the pickup truck driver is asked to call the Harris County Sheriff's Office Vehicular Crimes Division 713-274-7400.