Suspect in Jazmine Barnes' murder makes court appearance

The suspect in Jazmine Barnes' murder, Eric Black Jr. made a second appearance in a downtown Houston courtroom today. On Monday, Black's attorney Alvin Nunnery invoked the 5th amendment. Black's family attended the court hearing and was "visibly upset."

Black reportedly admitted to his role in the murder to authorities which is also consistent with the information from a source. Black admitted to authorities that he was driving the vehicle, but he was not the shooter.

On January 5th, deputies stopped a gray-colored Kia driven by Eric Black, Jr. for not signaling when changing lanes at Woodforest and Beltway 8. Marijuana was found in the car, and a man was arrested for possession. Homicide investigators talked to Black and according to some reports, he admitted that the second suspect Larry Woodruffe, 24 was the only other person in the car.  Black also said that the other man, Larry Woodruffe shot from the passenger side.

According to initial reports, the story is that Black and Woodruffe had gone to a club earlier and had been confronted by those in the club. They thought the family in the car were also from the club.

After speaking with the Harris County Assistant District Attorney of the prosecution, Samantha Knecht, she told us regardless of whether he was the shooter or the driver, the same law applies and they will prosecute to the full extent of the law. She also agrees with the account that Black gave to authorities.

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