Suburban cowboy's electric horse turns heads in New Jersey

You can take the cowboy out of Texas, but you can't take the Texas out of a cowboy. Just ask the New Jersey man who rides around on a motorized horse. This suburban cowboy showed Fox 5 his unusual ride and explained how it works.

"I literally stop traffic," said Steve Bacque, a rodeo cowboy originally from Texas who now lives in Cranford, New Jersey. "People do a double-take."

The self-proclaimed Crazy Cranford Cowboy said his wife told him he can't have a real horse.

"The key word was 'real,'" he said. "She didn't say I couldn't make one."

Steve cruises around town on his trusty steed and has become quite the hit on social media. He said he gets calls from all over the world from people asking where they can buy such a horse.

Steve's electric horse can travel up to 40 mph. It runs on a golf cart motor powered by four batteries. So what's the horse's name? Charger, of course, because he requires charging.

Steve and a friend in Austin, Texas, built Charger. His friend owns a business that has an entire fleet of motorized horses and bulls used for kids' parties and corporate events.