Storm rips open storefronts in Pasadena

Torrential downpours and strong winds Wednesday afternoon lead to this unnerving sight at two adjacent dollar stores in Pasadena.

The building was home to a Dollar General and 95 Cent Store on Richey Street in Pasadena. According to Adnan Nizam, owner of the 95 Cent Store, the building was a new construction that was completed around February.  

Surveillance footage first captures the store's front door being blown wide open, then seconds later, the entire facade suddenly collapses, destroying the hoods of multiple parked cars.

Witnesses say at least one person inside one of the cars was injured.

"The wind was so hard, so the whole thing started shaking you know, and then the whole thing just fell off right away," said Nizam. "So the good thing was, not too many people outside, but probably one of them got hurt in here. Yeah, the ambulance came and picked up one of them."

Nizam says he's closed his store down for the safety of his customers, and isn't sure how soon he'll be able to open.

"I'm going to lose all my sales, I have to pay rent so I'm really worried about this," he says. "Of course this is not easy to clean up, and they have to build everything again, but what can we do?"