Spring residents outraged over sex offender working at a school

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What if you found out a registered sex offender was working at your child’s school?  It’s a reality at a local district.  A convicted sex offender runs a church with a fairly big congregation inside a local middle school.

We spoke with Pastor E.A. Deckard back on August 9 during that horrible time when the family of eight was murdered in Northwest Harris County.

Wednesday we went right to Bammel Middle School where Pastor Deckard runs the Green House International Church.

I asked Terry Randolph whose grandchild went to the school: "Did you know a registered sex offender is running a church at your grandchild’s former middle school?"

“No I don't. I didn't know that how long has he been running it,?” Randolph asked, “I don't think it's right because sex offenders have no business around kids.”

The concerned citizen who brought this to our attention is outraged.  He wanted to remain anonymous.

“I was just blown away first thing that came to my mind are kids safe, how is this happening? This is a pastor who is going to and through our school district on a weekly basis and also having public services on tax payer dollars registered as a sex offender,” he said.

He says every parent should be upset.

“Our parents need to know who's going in our school and out of our school. The security system something has failed us,” he said.

Spring ISD released the following statement:

When we caught up with Pastor E.A. Deckard he was not prepared to say anything.  He said he would call us back, but we haven’t heard from him.