Southeast Texas youth baseball coach arrested, accused of sexually touching children

A southeast Texas Little League baseball coach was arrested Friday accused of sexually touching several young children.

The coach, identified as 38-year-old Adam Isaacks, was arrested in Jasper County, Texas. Isaacks was the President of Evadale Little League in Silsbee, Texas. A position he was removed from last week.


On Monday, a mother of one of the victim’s spoke with FOX 26. We’re not disclosing the mother’s identity in order to protect her son.

"It’s hard to think your kid went through that," said the victim’s parent. "I kind of feel guilty. As a parent, that’s your one job, to protect them."

According to the parent, at least a dozen victims have come forward with disturbing allegations against Isaacks. The children are all around 11 years old.

"It wasn’t just a baseball thing," said the parent. "It’s not associated with just baseball. It just happened to [allow] easy access for him.  This was not a random person. This person was almost a brother to some of them."

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A reporter from KJAS Jasper tried asking Isaacks questions while he was arrested. The 38-year-old ignored the questions and remained silent.

The anonymous parent says the boys would travel with Isaacks across Texas and to other states.  As a result, the FBI has joined the investigation.

"For all intents and purposes, we thought we knew him," said the parent. "He would explain it [as to] having 2 different personalities.  There’s coach Adam, and there’s Adam.  Fun Adam. There were rules to when [the boys] went with him. [He told them] don’t be shy and what happens at the camp, stays at the camp."


On Tuesday, additional charges were brought against Isaacks in Sabine County, including three counts of continuous sexual abuse of a child. 

Several of the victims’ parents have come together to seek justice. According to the anonymous mother FOX 26 spoke with on Monday, they’re expecting more serious additional charges against Isaacks this week.

"This is a lifelong pain," said the parent.  "This is a lifelong pain for all of these boys.  He will be doing this to them for the rest of their lives, because they have to relive it and remember it."

If there are any other victims, they’re urged to contact law enforcement.