Should guns be allowed in courtrooms?

How do you feel about civilians carrying guns into a courthouse? Apparently the Texas Attorney General has no problem with that. That's following a legal battle in Waller County where the district attorney there is trying to get guns out.

Just Friday, the Texas Supreme Court let stand a state appellate court decision that sanctioned Waller County for suing a private citizen who complained that the county was unlawfully banning firearms from its government building.

Last year, the First Court of Appeals of Texas overturned a Waller County district court’s ruling. It concluded that the county lacked jurisdiction to sue Terry Holcomb Sr. and he had a constitutional right to ask the county in a letter to comply with Texas’ open carry laws – without fear of a retaliatory or meritless lawsuit.

On the Factor to talk about this is FOX 26 Legal Analyst Carmen Roe.