Sheriff: 2 adults, child dead in possible murder-suicide

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Deputies are investigating the deaths of three people, including a child, in north Harris County.

According to Harris County Sheriff Ed Gonzalez, two adults and a 5-year-old child are confirmed dead in a possible murder-suicide.

The Harris County Sheriff's Office is investigating after a husband, wife and their 5-year-old daughter were found dead in their home in north Harris County near Spring.

It happened at the Landmark at Kendall Manor Apartments on Inverness Forest Boulevard.

The sheriff says this appears to be a double murder suicide—a case of domestic violence.

"These are always the most horrific scenes when there's a child involved," said Harris County Sheriff Ed Gonzalez. "We simply can make no sense of it."

Gonzalez says family members hadn't heard from the 36- and 37-year-old husband and wife since Tuesday, so they stopped by the apartments to check on them Friday afternoon.

"They did not force entry is my understanding," said Gonzalez. "They instead went to the leasing office, which was the right thing to do, and the leasing office then came and tried to assist them, and I think that's when the discovery was made."

Deputies were called to the scene around 1:00 p.m. They found a gun near the husband's body.

"Preliminarily it appears that the male is the one that murdered the child and the adult female and then possibly shot himself," said Gonzalez.

He said loved ones were blindsided by the news.

"Family members are out here at the scene," said Gonzalez. "Obviously they're very traumatized by what's occurred.... The initial information that we have is that this is a total surprise—that there were no apparent issues that they knew of."

The sheriff says it's still unclear when the shooting happened. He says the family could have been killed as long ago as Tuesday.

Investigators are digging into this case, to try to find out what led up to the death of three people.

No names have been released so far.

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