Shannon Miles to be transferred from mental facility for trial

Miles was found incompetent to stand trial in early 2016. Following the treatment at the state hospital in Vernon, Miles has been declared competent.
“We'll have an opportunity, his defense team, to review all the medical records," says Osso. "We'll review the report. I'll speak with my experts. The defense team will attempt to try to work with him again and we'll be able to tell once we meet with him whether or not we agree that his competency has been restored.”

What are some of the reasons that the defense would not agree with the hospital competency ruling? 

“If he's unable to assist in the preparation of his defense," further explains Osso. "If he can't communicate, that would be a reason, for example. You'll recall we had difficulty communicating with him. He was very tangential.” 
Osso will have approximately a month to tell the judge whether he agrees or disagrees that Miles is competent to stand trial.
Harris County Sheriff Ron Hickman says this has been a painful, long process and he's ready for the trial and for justice.

“Now that we’ve reached this juncture we’re very pleased that this process will now be able to move forward,” Hickman said. I’m confident that the D.A’s office will be prepared to move into a trial phase at some point very soon and we can all see this play out in the courtroom as it should.”