Senator Cruz Accuses President of Putting Police Lives at Risk

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Ted Cruz

On the day after Shannon Miles was formally charged with the ambush murder of Harris County Deputy Darren Goforth, United States Senator Ted Cruz accused the President of contributing to nationwide hostility against law enforcement.

"I think the violence we are seeing directed at law enforcement is a direct manifestation of the harsh rhetoric and the vilification of police officers which sadly has comes all the way from the top. Over and over again President Obama, the Department of Justice and senior administration officials have chosen to vilify law enforcement," said Cruz.

Cruz went on to contend President Obama's criticism of some police officer conduct has undermined law enforcement confidence and as a consequence, increased crime.

"Police officers, in response to the vilification, are pulling back. They are afraid to do their jobs. They are afraid if they do their job they will be held up as the next target," said Cruz.

The allegations came immediately after a speech to the Greater Houston Partnership during which the White House hopeful called the President's nuclear deal with Iran "catastrophic" and the anatomical transactions allegedly engaged in by Planned Parenthood "horrific".

"I would encourage you simply to watch these videos and ask the question - Are these my values?" said Cruz.

Cruz forecast a major battle in the U.S. Senate over funding for Planned Parenthood.