Robber steals 2 luxury cars at gunpoint, can’t figure out how to drive away

A search is underway in Bellaire for a man wanted for 2 armed robbery attempts.

Surveillance video taken Wednesday evening shows a man wearing a white hoodie hold a gun towards an unsuspecting man pumping gas. The first robbery attempt occurred at the Chevron near Bellaire Boulevard and Rice Avenue.

“He had some guts,” said Reggie Momon, a store clerk. “There were 4 or 5 customers out there.”

Momon had been working at the Chevron during the robbery attempt. According to Momon, the thief couldn’t figure out how to drive the stolen Audi.

“I pressed the panic button,” said Momon. “I was still watching the guy outside his car.  He couldn’t get it started.”

Surveillance video shows the suspect quit trying to drive the car and run across Bellaire Boulevard.  A nearby witness tried to stop him with her vehicle, but the robber kept running and allegedly fired a gun.

“You could hear the pow, pow,” said Momon.  A lady actually followed him across the street. He fired two rounds at her.”

Minutes later, we’re told the wanted man wearing a white hoodie tried a second robbery near Laurel and 5th streets.

“He did it to another guy driving a white BMW,” said Momon. “Knocking on the window, demanding keys and the wallet. He also couldn’t get that car started.”

“It’s frightening,” said Leora Nowitz, a Bellaire resident. “Terrifying. Awful in our safe little great neighborhood.”

According to Bellaire Police, the thief was unable to start both stolen cars. However, someone picked him up to get away in a silver Mercedes.

“Everybody was panicking because they saw it,” said Momon. “The guy could have turned around and started shooting everybody. Thank God he didn’t.”

Momon says the robber allegedly stole more than $1,000 cash from the first victim. So far no arrests have been made.

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