Rip current advisory in Galveston for busy holiday weekend

Do you have plans to head to Galveston this holiday weekend?  If so, you’re not alone.  Galveston Beach Patrol is expecting 200,000 to 500,000 people this holiday weekend.  Families are already getting the fun started on Stewart Beach and all across Galveston.  In addition to pulling up chairs, pitching umbrellas and enjoying the great outdoors Peter Davis with Galveston Beach Patrol is hoping you will stay safe while on Galveston Island by paying attention to the posted warnings.

"We have a rip current advisory out.  We’ve got pretty rough surf,  a lot of current.  We recommend that people stay real far away from those rock jetties.  Definitely swim near a life guard,” Davis explains. 

”We were telling the kids they’re going to have to be very careful and pretty much just stay up to their ankles and not get too far from us in the water,” says Will Griggs who’s vacationing in Galveston from Indiana.

"We’re going to the beach and the zoo tomorrow.  The water is a little bit rough.  We’re just staying close to shore,” explains Sarah Perry from Cypress.

"We have the red flag flying today so we recommend that adults who are good swimmers don’t go above their waist, children and non-swimmers stay completely out of the water.  It’s a good day for sandcastles,” adds Davis.
A live band will play on East Beach Saturday, Sunday and Monday.   There will also be Fireworks Sunday on 37th street at dusk.  Also a lot of visitors are heading to the island this weekend for the big reveal of the Aquarium pyramid’s $37 million make over at Moody Gardens.