Retired Special Ops Army Captain helping veterans in Houston

As we approach the anniversary of the worst act of terrorism on U.S. soil it's hard to think about September 11 without appreciating the men and women who fight to protect our country. In this Positively Houston, we introduce you to one of our American heroes who is coming to the aid of so many others.

Not only is this retired Special Ops Army Captain an amazing soldier who selflessly served our country, he's also now a champion for countless other veterans. Captain Philip Jalufka's is a pretty inspirational success story on its own.

"We're getting ready to surpass $150 million in sales this year. We build great homes in great places for people that are wanting to enjoy each and every day of life,” Jalufka explains.

When you add his prosperous company, Legacy International Real Estate, with all that retired U.S. Army Captain Philip Jalufka is doing for other military veterans, this stupendous, tremendous, terrific tale gets even better.

"It was always my goal, I felt it was our greatest responsibility to give back to those who continue to keep us free,” he says.

This former military helicopter pilot has given more than $100,000 to non-profits such as Houston's Heroes For Freedom Foundation, whose founder John Angelina is a Vietnam Veteran.

"He gives us donations many times a year, many times a year. It's awesome. I don't know any other way to explain,” says Angelina.

"Our ultimate goal is to help others in ways that they can't help themselves,” adds Jalufka.

Some of Jalufka's donations are used to take military veterans on quite the fishing expedition.

“We invite warriors who otherwise weren't getting out of the house,” says Jalufka.

“And we take them out for a wonderful day and then we have boiled shrimp, hot dogs, hamburgers,” adds Angelina.

"Sometimes warriors come back from their service unable to be all they can be, for lack of a better term, and that has been exacerbated with the pandemic,” Jalufka explains.

“With this COVID issue, a lot of people need more help now. We've sent out nine checks to nine different families recently,” says Angelina.

In fact, one great gift Heroes For Freedom is known for? Giving $2,500 Christmas checks to military veterans.

"I just know we're doing good for someone and maybe they wouldn't have had a Christmas,” says Angelina.

“To give back to those warriors is pretty special and I hope others will see it as such and not think about right now in this interesting time what we can't do and that's the positive message. If we all think that way we're going to all win together,” smiles Jalufka.

Legacy International also makes it a point to hire military veterans.

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