Restaurant owner resigns after texting an employee a racial slur when she tried to quit

First on FOX 26, a local restaurant is receiving a lot of backlash after the owner used a racial slur towards an employee when she tried to quit.

Domo Schneckenburg was the general manager of The Pho Shack in Sugar Land. She worked there for two years and even worked at their second location in Katy. It was earlier this month when she tried to part ways, giving a one week notice. She tells us she never imagined things would’ve turned this way.

“I was hurt, I was completely hurt, because on the phone everything sounded fine, so I really thought that we were good,“ says Schneckenburg after she called one of the owners of The Pho Shack.

She didn’t expect to be added to a group chat about her resignation. She tells FOX 26, “I go back inside and I check my phone, and that’s when I see the message of him calling me a n—— and a b——.”

She showed us the text message, and told us that after reading it, she flipped a table at the restaurant and replied back to her boss, Danh Le, one of the co-owners, who texted the racial slur and offensive language.

She says Le later tried to reach out to her. 

"He’s tried to say sorry, and he was like, 'However, you know you’re wrong for flipping the table.' I did flip a table. 'You’re wrong for flipping a table. If you try to mess with my restaurant, I’m going to prosecute your a—.'”

Le posted a long apology on the restaurant’s Facebook page. Part of it read:

“I understand your anger towards me and I don’t deserve or expect forgiveness. This is the biggest lesson of my life as I know now how much words can hurt. I know that I no longer have the right to represent this company.”

Schneckenburg tells us she doesn't feel the apology is sincere.

We went inside the Pho Shack to try to speak with the owners. We spoke with Danh Le’s brother, Nhan Le. He talked about how his brother is doing.

“He kept on telling me sorry, because I’m co-owner too, but he is no longer with us. And I’m here to take over,“ he said.

The restaurant will have to make a comeback against the hundreds of negative Yelp reviews. But the owners say they have learned a lesson in this incident.

While Yelp is currently monitoring the Pho Shack’s reviews, another Pho Shack in another country is getting some of the blame.

The Pho Shack in Ottawa, Canada, which only shares the same name, has seen their reviews go from 4.7 to 3.1 stars, so they’re asking people to please be mindful of the reviews they leave.