Recovery after tornado strikes apartment complex

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Israel Perez and his car were fortunate and unfortunate. There was some damage but..."It's not as bad as I thought it was going to be," said Perez. Especially considering the scene outside his apartment building on Wednesday.

A tornado collapsed the carport onto his vehicle and those of a lot of his neighbors as well. The damage was significant but those same neighbors immediately pitched in and started cleaning up. The carport now sits in neat stacks waiting to be carted away and the fallen tree is neatly chopped up. Lawn equipment replaced chainsaws.

It's so normal, it would be easy to miss public insurance adjuster Mitchell Berg and his partner assessing the damage. Berg explained that while it looks like the damage is limited to two or three buildings, as many as thirty units could be damaged, maybe more. It's too early to tell. He also said unless all the storm damage is assessed and repaired correctly, it will continue to affect the current residents and future renters.

"We've seen cases where two-to-three years later, it worked itself into a case where roofs fell in, units were damaged inside or were affected," said Berg.

Not to mention leaks and mold, but for many residents, they are just glad they are well on the road to recovery.

"Well, I feel like it's back to normal and I was amazed it turned around this fast," said Perez.