Rapper Scarface talks about his run for Houston City Council

Houston rapper Scarface is taking a stand to represent the people in his community by announcing his run for a seat at Houston City Council. He actually let the cat out of the bag about a week ago when he asked on social media if he should run for Houston City Council. The response was overwhelming, and now the rapper is taking on a new role, political candidate.

Born Brad Jordan, he was a member of the iconic group the Geto Boys. He says he wants to make changes in the community he was raised in.

“Being in that community, and from that community, I see some changes that need to be made...When I say it, people hear it. So I want to make sure that I’m speaking for the people in my community that don’t have a voice. I want to be down in City Hall speaking for them,” he said. 

Jordan is running for a Houston City Council seat, representing District D, a position currently held by Councilman Dwight Boykins, who recently announced that he will be running for Mayor for the City of Houston.

Jordan made his announcement via Instagram on Saturday. He received almost 23,000 likes and about 2,000 comments, which included endorsements from fellow Houston rappers Paul Wall, Bun B, and Slim Thug.

“The overwhelming response to social media was overwhelming to me, because they know my heart.” says Jordan.

We spoke with residents in District D, many shocked by the announcement.

“It makes me excited. Praying that everything works right, and he does right, but yeah it makes me excited.” says Alvin Turner.

When asked what he would say to people those who would doubt his ability to perform the job, Jordan told FOX 26, “I can’t see why anyone would doubt me, you know out of everything else there is to doubt, why doubt me? My music speaks for itself, my reputation speaks for itself.”

Jordan may be getting a lot of support from celebrities, but in the end, the voters of Houston will decide if Scarface will become Councilman Jordan.