Push to keep killer behind bars

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This is the ninth time Nancy Rodriguez has appeared before the parole board.

“I do this for my son because he cannot do it,” Rodriguez said.

Jon Buice was sentenced to 45 years in prison for the gay bashing death of 27-year-old Paul Broussard.

“Paul had been beat half to death by four of the guys then Jon Buice coward that he is chose to stab him to death,” said Rodriguez.

Buice has been in prison for 23 years. As far as Paul’s mother is concerned justice will be served when Buice serves four more years bringing his total time in prison to 27 years.

“Because that’s Paul’s entire lifetime,” his mother said.

This hearing is a first for long time crime victims advocate Andy Kahan because there’s a documentary about the killer being considered for release. The documentary called “The guy with the knife” calls for Buice’s release from prison.

“Frankly the documentary should be called the guy with the knife who stabbed Pau Broussard to death,” Kahan said.

“It’s a very fictional story it is another murder of Paul Broussard,” said Paul’s friend Mark Vega.

Critics of the documentary fear the parole board could be swayed by the filmmakers.

“It’s just a carefully scripted story slanting the truth in favor of the murderer,” Vega said.

Long time gay community activist Ray Hill who appears in the film tells us the documentary is totally objective and journalistically accurate.

But Kahan wonders how that can be since the filmmakers didn’t even bother to look at the D.A.’s case file which contains all the evidence.

“I have verified this time and time again,” Kahan said. “No one else has ever seen that file but yours truly.” 

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