Puppy found stabbed to death in Northeast side area dubbed the Corridor of Cruelty

“There’s more dogs every day every single day,” said dog rescuer Jane Fornof-Wesson.

Wesson has been shot at and punched in the face because she was feeding abandoned dogs in an area many refer to as the Corridor of Cruelty in northeast Houston.

“I’ve had people tell me 'I’ve been to the corridor' or 'I’ve seen it' or 'I’ve visited over there', but until you’ve been here and lived here like I do, you have no clue as to what goes on,” said Wesson.

Even Wesson is having a hard time coming to grips with the corridor’s most recent horror. On Sunday afternoon, fellow dog rescuer Janell Mitchell saw something among the mounds of trash in the corridor’s vacant lot.

She says she’s found many dead dogs there, but this time the Corridor of Cruelty was about to live up to its name.

“I didn’t know she was that bad,” Mitchell said.

Mitchell video-taped the final moments of this little puppy’s life.

“She pretty much looked up at me until she took her last breath 5 minutes later,” said Mitchell.

“What has this dog been through,” Wesson said. “Because I knew those were stab wounds.”

HPD was called and police confirm the puppy was stabbed to death. The black and white pit bull mix was wearing a collar but no tag. She was 6 to 7 months old and is now known as Ruth.

“This was torture,” Mitchell said. “This is beyond cruelty. This dog was tortured, this dog was alive for a while," Wesson said. “This is bothering me far more than all the others I have seen out here and I’ve seen a lot of horrible things.”

The Houston Police Department’s Major Offenders Animal Cruelty Unit is now investigating the puppy’s death.

Anyone with information should call 713-308-3100.  

A peace walk for Ruth is being arranged for Saturday, April 13 at 10 a.m. at The Home Depot at 10600 Eastex Freeway. More details about the event can be found here