Protestors voice outrage at Houston night club accused of discrimination

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With their voices they hoped to exact a painful price from a now notorious night club accused of discrimination.

"It needs to be loud. It needs to be heard. It needs to be felt. This is Houston and we are not going to take this," said Mimi Mason as she held a bull-horn across the street from the Gaslamp night club.

Sparking this protest was an incident September 11th. Three African American men allege that when they came to the Gaslamp they were asked to pay a $20 dollar per person cover charge.

Trouble is the Gaslamp was letting white patrons in for free.

The club has claimed the three men, all lawyers, were charged because they brought no women with them. Brandon Ball says the bias he experienced was blatant.

"You can't do this anymore. It's 2015 and discrimination can't be tolerated," said Ball.

The incident has sparked outrage among those who claim the kind of discrimination practiced by the Gaslamp has become commonplace.

"People go out to enjoy their free time and they are not allowed to enjoy it on the same scale as, in this situation, white patrons of the bar. That has no place in not only America," said Ike Okorafor, a civil rights attorney representing Ball and two others.

Club management, which is now the target of a federal lawsuit, did not return our calls.

It is a business learning the steep cost of picking and choosing patrons.