Project Brays is nearing completion

Dump trucks and track hoes or not, Bunny, Maxie, and Lucy need to get their walks along the bayou twice a day. That's given their owner, Ana Byrd, plenty of time to watch the progress.

"I like what they're doing. That's Braeswood Bayou. Wider. It's great so it's going to be more capacity of water," she says.

Billions and billions of gallons more water.

The idea is simple. Widen twenty one miles on the channel to increase flow and build retention ponds to hold billions more. The idea is simple, but the work is intense. Heavy equipment is moving untold tons of dirt and then trucks are hauling it all away.

The project predates Harvey, but the killer floods have given the effort a new sense of urgency. It won't be completed by the time hurricane season arrives, but sometime this year.

"From there, we are also looking at future projects to provide additional protection along the tributaries for west of Fondren. It's an ongoing effort."

An effort given a serious boost by the flood control bond overwhelmingly passed by voters. This one is fully funded. After it’s finished they will have to study the traffic to improve the thirty bridges over the widened channel to improve water flow to make it easier for floating objects to get through.

For those who live along the bayou, it's meant more dirt, noise and traffic. We will have to wait for the next major flooding event to see if it was worthwhile.

"I think so. Yes. I believe yes," predicts Byrd.