President Trump' s 1st 100 days, government shutdown avoided

The 45th President of the United States has moved past the mile post of one hundred days in office. Donald J. Trump has called it the most productive in American history.

In the win column, the Commander-in-Chief placed a conservative justice on the Supreme Court, launched missiles against genocidal Syria and issued a barrage of executive orders.

On the flipside, the President's initial attempt to "repeal and replace" the Affordable Care Act proved to be a colossal failure and the list of full and partial policy flops has grown longer with each passing day, such as relationships with China, the NAFTA member countries and the North Atlantic Treaty Organization, just to mention a few.

Shunning the White House Press Corps that he's publicly demonized, the President chose instead to share his 100th day with the kind voters who put him in office.

A deal has been cut to avoid a government shutdown, but a notable part of the compromise was the complete absence of funding for the President's proposed border wall. What, if any, fallout is there?