Police use a pit maneuver to end chase that spanned across 4 Houston highways

Houston police used the pit maneuver to bring a chase to the end early this morning near Greens Road. The chase started when the suspect led police in Jacinto city on a chase that spanned all across Houston highways, including I-10, I-45, Hardy Toll and the Beltway 

A unit successfully spiked the vehicle at the Hardy Toll Plaza near the Beltway, shredding the front right tire. HPD authorized the use of the pit maneuver and it was successfully used on
Greens, just west of Northborough. The driver was quickly taken into custody. The suspect then kept screaming obscenities at officers, "You're a punk!"

HPD officers just received training on the pit maneuver, and this is believed to be the first use of the technique to end a pursuit