Police search for Houston teen accused of shooting his 5-year-old sister

A 5-year-old is recovering in the hospital and the search is on for her 14-year-old brother after he allegedly shot his little sister in the stomach.  

The mom who lives in the apartment where the gunshot was fired says she awoke to a living nightmare, first the gunshot, then finding her 5-year-old daughter shot in the living room potentially by her 14-year-old brother.  “Then I heard her screaming,” a neighbor explains.  

The shooting happened around 1:00 a.m. at the Ranch at Silver Creek Apartments.

A neighbor says she was jolted out of a sound sleep by the gunshot.  

"I got scared. Yeah, I was scared so I just stayed there in my room.  I was like what’s going on?" the neighbor said.

The mother who discovered her daughter shot says her 14-year-old son seemed panicked.  She says he grabbed the gun from the floor and left the apartment.  

"I’m not sure where he got the gun. I’m worried about him. You never think this will happen to your family,” says the boy’s grandfather, Osmin Ayala, who also says his grandson has a history of mental illness.  

“Since he’s been a little kid he’s been having problems mentally.  He’s fine when he takes his medication.  Lately, he’s not been taking medication and he’s avoiding going to the doctor,” Ayala said.

Ayala is asking his grandson to turn himself into police.  

“Call me. I'll come and pick you up. Don’t worry about it. Everybody’s fine. Your sister is fine,” Ayala said.

Ayala says although he never saw it, he heard the 14-year-old had a gun but says his grandson told him he threw the gun away.

"I just pray the young lady recovers and everything turns out good for her and her family. We’re losing our young children so much. Every day you look up and it’s something about a young child and it’s so sad,” says one neighbor.

The grandfather says he does not believe his grandson shot his 5-year-old sister on purpose.  He believes it was a horrible accident.   Investigators are still looking for the 14-year-old.

The 5-year-old is said to be in stable condition.