Police say Houston man stabbed two children to death

Police say a man who allegedly stabbed two children to death was found inside his vehicle in Pasadena early Sunday morning with a non-fatal, self-inflicted gunshot wound.

Jean Pierre Ndossoka, 62, has been charged with capital murder. Police say Ndossoka allegedly killed his two children, Marcel Ndossoka, 8, and Anna-Belle Faith Ndossoka, 1, at an apartment complex in southwest Houston on Saturday night.

Police say Ndossoka left the scene and was found in Pasadena around 1 a.m. Sunday with a self-inflicted gunshot wound. He was taken to the hospital in stable condition.

Crime scene tape sat outside of an apartment building in the 10900 block of Fondren on Saturday night, a scene so horrible that those that live there had to come outside.

“What happened was she and the biological dad are separated and they have two kids. She was living off site and the dad was living here," Assistant Chief Wendy Baimbridge with the Houston Police Department says. "He called her up and he told her that he was going to kill the kids. At that point, she came down to the apartment and found them deceased and the husband, the suspect has left the scene.”

Police say the couple has been married for years and that they had recently separated.

“We do have victims assistance and we will find out if there is a history here, but we don’t know at this point. But we do have a victims assistance if someone fears that they are in a domestic relationship where it is turning violet or has a potential to turn violent they can always reach out to us and we can get somebody out there to help,” says assistant chief Baimbridge.