Police say 3 convicted felons given a second chance are responsible for high profile crimes

Harris County’s criminal justice system has given 19-year-old Vincent Cannady break after break, and authorities believe he is responsible for some high profile crimes. 

In August of last year, Cannady was sentenced to six years deferred adjudication meaning he would have no final felony conviction if he successfully completed his probation.

That probation included a stay at the county probation department’s YMAC program Young Men About Change. Last October, he walked away from the program.

“When you leave the facility, you are up to no good,” said Andy Kahan with CrimeStoppers.

A month later, Judge Kelli Johnson with the 178th District Court sent Cannady back to the YMAC program instead of prison.

“He was not taken into custody for unauthorized absence from a correctional facility,’ Kahan said.

We called the court to get a response from the judge but have yet to hear back.

Cannady walked away from the program a second time this past Sunday. So did Jabari Davis.

On Monday, both men were charged with endangering a child after they allegedly stole a vehicle with a baby inside. Police say they abandoned the child in a park.

Last month, 18-year-old Antonio Washington also walked away from the Young Men About Change program.

“He was actually sent there on three aggravated robberies with a deadly weapon,” said Kahan. “Part of his deferred adjudication just like Cannady was to spend it at the YMAC facility."

Last week police say Washington went inside a Walmart with a gun and tried to rob an employee. He was then shot by an off-duty police officer.

All three teens should have been charged with unauthorized absence from a community corrections facility, but that didn’t happen until after they were arrested for new crimes.

“These are the ones we know of,” Kahan said. “What scares me the most are the ones I don’t know of.”

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