Police investigate burglary at office of State Senator Borris Miles

State Senator Borris Miles is once again the target of intruders. The Houston Police Department is investigating after someone broke into the senator’s office. This is the third time burglars have set their sights on Senator Miles, at least twice at his house, now at his Fifth Ward office.

"Obviously all this was left like this,” a worker for Miles’ points out as she gives us a tour of the destruction.  Not only was the office left vandalized, three computers, monitors and all of the electronics were stolen.  Miles’ Community Liaison Kathy Blueford-Daniels discovered the break-in.

"When I arrived to work this morning the glass was broken and there was an umbrella sticking out the glass," Blueford-Daniels said. 

You may remember in 2017 two armed men held the senator's grandfather at gunpoint when he arrived at Miles’ house and two burglars were inside. They ultimately ran off leaving the elderly man uninjured.  Back in 2007 Senator Miles shot an intruder inside his Third Ward home when it was under construction.  That man was later charged with robbery. Now offenders in his office in Fifth Ward.

"It's disheartening but it’s not going to deter us. The senator is determined he’s going to be that person that’s going to help our community,” says Daniels.

The senator wants the public to know all of the personal information housed in his office was protected. Police are checking surveillance cameras in the area as they try to track down who’s responsible.