Pit bulls reportedly terrorizing Mission Bend, attacking multiple dogs

Residents terrorized by pit bulls roaming freely in their streets, this according to  neighbors living in the Mission Bend Subdivision. They claim the dogs are responsible for several attacks against their pets, and pose a threat to children in the neighborhood. 

“I couldn’t get close enough to my dog to save him. I could only let him protect me, and I felt helpless it made me feel sick," Rebecca Balderrama said. 

Balderrama has lived in her quiet Mission Bend neighborhood for 20 years, and has always felt safe, until Thursday morning, when she was about to take her dog for a walk and three pit bulls, unleashed, passed her house. 

Her 7-year-old dog, Smokey, bolted after them. You can see in video that Rebecca sent us when the pit bulls came back and attacked Smokey.

Rebecca says, “I just started screaming and slashing my leash, and then I picked up the water hose. I turn the water hose on as I ran out the door, and I was trying to spray them but it had the sprinkler on. So I was trying to hit them, and he wouldn’t let go.” 

Good Samaritans stepped in to help save her dog. Rebecca rushed Smokey to the vet, and sent us images showing the lacerations and deep puncture wounds he received during the attack. We’re told Smokey will survive.

Other neighbors claimed their dogs were attacked by the same pack later that morning. We called Harris County animal control and they confirmed three calls came in today reporting the attacks, claiming the same address for the dogs owners. The house is right next to a playground and daycare.

Rebecca says the pit bulls were roaming around the same time kids were outside playing telling us, “The teacher put them up on the sled up here under the tarp she told everybody to get up there while I took her, because they walked over here. I took her in my car around to there, she got the van came back and picked up the kids."

We went to the home and met one of the pit bulls' owners. She didn’t want her face shown. We showed her the video of the attack, but she claims there are plenty of pit bulls in the area that roam around, and denied the dogs in the video were hers. FOX 26 did observe several unleashed dogs, some pit bulls, in the area. Neighbors are wanting Harris County to step in.

“We have children that come here. I walk my dogs. I don’t need an apology I want the dogs contained,” she said. 

FOX 26 will continue to bring developments on this story.