Nine accused child predators busted in a sting operation

Nine accused child predators have been busted in a sting operation. Investigators say the nine men met children online and were headed to meet the kids for sex or so they thought.

One after another the accused predators are handcuffed and arrested after Harris County Precinct One Constable Alan Rosen says the nine men thought they were talking to children online and agreed to meet them for sex. Fortunately, the accused were actually talking with deputies.

"We had a 75-year-old man get on a METRO bus, on a scooter to think he was going to have sex with a 15-year-old girl,” explains Harris County Precinct One Constable Alan Rosen. 75-year-old Williard Billings is a Navy Veteran, and Rosen says Billings also had child pornography on his phone.

Investigators say former Minor League Baseball Player and 32-year-old Michael Schurz, who now coaches kids, was arrested with baggies of drugs decorated with colorful stickers.

"They sometimes bring drugs thinking they’re going to drug up the victims. So they’re coming prepared.  They bring guns,” explains Constable Rosen.

26-year-old Kelvin Mcleod, who works as a security guard, is said to have tried desperately to get away once he was arrested. 

"He tried to dive out of a six story window."

Officers say Eduardo Salazar drove from San Antonio to meet a child for sex.

All nine are charged with felony online solicitation of a minor. Investigators say college student Rylan Garnett thought he was meeting up with a nine-year-old for sex.

Constable Rosen has a question for parents, who is your child chatting with online? 

“Because they very well could be talking to somebody that’s targeting them and will harm them. These are life long scars,” says the Constable.   

Rosen says predators often set up a meeting with kids with the the promise of gifts, money, or they simply lie about their age to get the child there. 

55-year-old Kevin Patrick Spiars was also arrested in the bust, carried out by Precinct One Internet Crimes Against Children. Spiars works as a self-employed construction contractor. The other three men arrested in the sting include 35-year-old Luis Angel Flores, 50-year-old Ramiro Dorado, and 22-year-old Shayan Sadeghbegi.