New details on victims injured in deadly shootings in Liberty County

Three remain hospitalized after a shooting spree in Liberty County.

Three men are still hospitalized—at least two of them in critical condition Thursday—following a series of shootings in Cleveland on Wednesday.

Texas DPS officials say Big Thicket Veterinary Clinic is one of two scenes where Pavol Vido shot people before turning the gun on himself. Now we’re learning family of the victims at the first scene—B Dependable Plumbing—also works at the animal hospital.

Heavy emotions at Big Thicket Veterinary Clinic Thursday as a deputy interviewed employees. Not only was Deputy Richard Whitten shot on their property, but one employee has learned her uncle is one of the victims at the other shooting scene a mile-and-a-half down the road at B Dependable Plumbing, vet employees say.

Davey Grubbs’ brother-in-law pointed out a photo of him from his Facebook. He says Davey and his brother Chris were shot while walking into the plumbing business they own and that Davey is in critical condition today. Chris also remains hospitalized.

Liberty County Sheriff’s Officials say Deputy Whitten is still in critical condition after being shot in the throat.

“It’s sad because this is a close knit community,” said Vicki Miller, a clerk at the Exxon gas station near the shooting scene. “They all look after one another—police officers every day. I have the highest regard for them.”

Miller knows Deputy Whitten and the man accused of shooting him. She says they both frequented her convenience store.

“When I seen his picture I was really shocked,” said Miller of Vido.

She never expected Vido, who stopped by the store every Sunday to buy tobacco papers, would be a killer.

“He was a real nice man,” said Miller. “We never had any issues with him at all. We always thought he was super sweet.”

Friends of Vido say he lived in a shack behind the plumbing business. A closer look shows junk and old vehicles strewn into the woods behind the shop. A small cooking area is visible on a slab of cement, and a mattress is located inside an old plumbing van.

Texas DPS officials say Vido was served with eviction papers one or two days before his shooting spree that ended with suicide.

As for the woman killed in the shooting, Fox 26 is still awaiting autopsy results and next-of-kin notification before releasing her identity.