Multiple deaths at San Luis Pass since 2013

Last Friday Jacob "Jake" Szydlowski went missing while out fishing with his friends. The next day his body was found. Now Brazoria County officials are making sure they are doing everything they can to prevent another person from drowning out at the San Luis Pass, an area they call extremely dangerous.

"West Galveston Bay, Drum Bay, Christmas Bay all coming into this one inlet here know as San Luis Pass and of course you have the Gulf of Mexico on the other side", says Lt. Varon Snelgrove.

"It makes for dangerous currents and under-toes, the bottom changes constantly, where it might be knee deep today it might be neck deep tomorrow", says volunteer and member of the Gulf Coast Rescue Squad Will Blackstock, who helped with last weeks search.

Since 2013, ten people have died out at the San Luis Pass. Lt. Snelgrove says, "the most recent being last Friday where Mr. Szydklowski... lost his life about a hundred yards from where we are standing, he came out to enjoy a weekend of fishing and it turned tragic when he was overtaken by the current .

When Brazoria County Commissioner Donald Payne heard what happened, he immediately got to work. Thursday afternoon crews installed new signs listing the facts, right beside the old "no swimming" ones. Payne says, "most of the people I know from southern Brazoria County will not come out here and get in this water".

The commissioner says he is hopeful people will read the warning signs because he says it's a matter of life or death. "If you come here don't get in the water, just lay on the beach, that's fine", says Payne.

The county leaders will be talking with the District Attorney over the next few days about potentially passing an ordinance where people caught fishing or swimming in this area  can be ticketed, in hopes of detouring people from getting in the water.