Motorcycle riders show support for law enforcement in Houston

The sizzle of summer heat didn't stop local motorcycle riders from gathering in La Porte on Saturday for a group ride to support a timely cause.

Hundreds of riders swarmed Houston-area highways on a sweltering Saturday morning in the hope that police would see them -- that's exactly for whom they rode.

"Very heartwarming," said Officer Tim McCurley from the League City Police Department. "They told me there'd be roughly 100 bikers here, and I think there are closer to 200 and a bunch of smiling faces looking out of the crowd."

Officer McCurley accepted a hefty donation from the riders, organized by the Texas Lonestar Bikers, all of whom gathered to show support for law enforcement in the wake of the Dallas police shootings in early July.

"I can't believe what's going on nowadays," said rider Danny Riley when asked about the Dallas shootings. "It's heartbreaking and it's happening everywhere now. I can't put it into words."

Instead of words, Riley and his fellow riders chose actions. They put their money in the basket. They strapped blue tape to their windshields. They circled the Houston area in a showing of solidarity for law enforcement officers throughout the area.

The donations will benefit the League City Police Officer's Association for the Assist the Officer Fund. The money will go toward everything from scholarships to medical expenses for officers and their families, according to Officer McCurley.

When asked what more they could do to support the men and women in blue, Officer McCurley reminded the crowd that small gestures, like a smile or a wave, can go a long way in supporting local officers.