Mom of murdered teen talks about her hopes for other teens

The mother of a teenager who was killed this week calls her son a really good person who began to make terribly bad choices.

Syreta Green says long before her son, 18-year-old Darian Bolden, was gunned down in the Peninsula Park Apartments on Tuesday she became concerned about his choices. That’s the only reason she says she’s speaking out, so her tragedy may in some way help someone else.

“I couldn’t breathe,” Green explains as she described the moment she learned her son had been shot.  She says the wind was knocked right out of her and she has this question for the person who murdered her son there on West Fuqua in southeast Houston.  “Why did you do this? He didn’t deserve this.” 

Green isn't sure why her son was at the Peninsula Apartments, where he spent his last moments alive, but she says he was beginning to make poor decisions. 

“Some of the bad choices he made was picking the wrong crew to be with.  It’s like he was trying to prove a point to 'the hood’ but I know my son is in a better place now.  God is blessing me with peace.  I actually feel more peace now because when he was alive and in the streets I had such worry and sadness for him," she says.

Police say a pellet gun was found near Bolden’s body and shell casings were scattered about, indicating a shootout.  Green says the son she raised loved God, played football, graduated from Westbury High School in June, adored animals and did not want to be in questionable environments until recently.  “I guess he wanted to be among those people because I think he thought they were cool, but they’re not.”

This mom in mourning wants other teens to know Darian's story so they won't make the same mistakes.  She also wants her son's killer punished.  “We just want justice for my son."                         

No one has been arrested yet for the teen’s murder, and Houston police investigators want to remind the public, you don’t have to reveal your identity to give them any information you may know.