Minister, former police officer accused of sexually assaulting a minor

He was a double pillar of the community, a minister and a former police officer. Now he's accused of a serious crime.

In a video posted on YouTube  of James Patrick, he says something that could be foreshadowing.

"If you are living in your past and that's the only thing you have than what future do you have."

Well something from his past could drastically effect his future. The former police officer is accused of sexually assaulting a minor years ago. The child who is now an adult recently came forward. DPS investigated and arrested him a few days ago.

The Conroe native sits in the Montgomery County Jail. Patrick held positions of trust  before becoming a minister, was a former deputy constable and a police officer, but not just any kind of officer.

"We know when the incident occurred he was a Willis police officer assigned to to the Willis Independent School District as a resource officer. Because of that we know he was exposed to children," said Distrtic Attorney Brett Ligon.

He says Patrick claims he was addicted to pornography but they don't know if it was child pornography.

According to court documents the victim's mother confronted Patrick about the molestation years after  he said this in front of a congregation.

"Believe it or not there are people out there who want to deceive you. I think biggest problem with the country right now because all of the trust has been blown out of the water."