Mayoral, city council hopefuls attend forum to discuss Houston's animal overpopulation

Houston has such a huge problem when it comes to the overpopulation of stray animals, it's become a big political issue.

Monday night the nonprofit group Houston PetSet held a forum for mayoral candidates and some city council hopefuls.

The event was called "A Conversation for the Animals."

Candidates running for city council district D (third ward and Sunnyside) and district H 
(Northline Eastex Freeway Jensen) gave their plans on addressing animal welfare as did four mayoral candidates.

FOX 26 reporter Randy Wallace sat down with front runners Bill King and Tony Buzbee.

"It's really become a public health issue and I get asked about it all the time on the campaign trail," King said.

"I believe we can be the city that leads with not only animal cruelty issues but also how we compassionately deal with the stray animal population," Buzbee said.

We asked both candidates how Mayor SylvesterTurner was doing when it comes to Houston's stray animal issue.

"Well it's gotten worse in the three years he's been mayor so I would say not very well," King replied.

"Mayor Turners primary position is he hopes it gets better hope is not a strategy," said Buzbee

"Spade and neutering is the answer to this problem we need to put a lot of resources into that," King said.

"We can't have backyard breeders we have to enforce licensing laws we have to deal with the tether issue," Buzbee said.

"The city and the county are responsible for picking up the animals but non profits and private organizations could be responsible for sheltering them," said King.

"You can be fiscally conservative and fiscally responsible but also look out for animals," said Buzbee.