Libertarians challenging in multiple Houston-area congressional races

Minimum government and maximum freedom - it is the mantra of America's Libertarian movement and an option for Texas voters come November 6.

Houstonian Phil Kurtz is challenging incumbent Democrat Al Green in the 9th Congressional District. Fiercely pro-life and committed to a balanced budget, Kurtz hopes to capture conservative support in a race that lacks a Republican on the ballot.

"Limiting spending to at least revenue. I mean, that's what you do at home, otherwise you go in debt and eventually bankruptcy. The government has this idea that there is no limit to the amount of money out there and you can print money anytime you want," said Kurtz adding, "The two big parties tend to like to use government to fix people."

Libertarian nominee Mike Ryan is hoping to take down Republican Michael McCaul in Congressional District 10.

The engineer and businessman says he left the "free-spending" GOP because it consistently created more government, not less.

"I felt like I can attract a lot of disaffected Republicans because they want someone who is going to balance the budget, defund Planned Parenthood, get the Department of Education out of our lives and have a simpler society, back to where we have more freedom which, in essence, that's what the Libertarian Party stands for, more freedom and individual choice," said Ryan.

Over in the 18th Congressional District where Democrat Sheila Jackson Lee has owned the seat for 23 years, Libertarian Luke Spencer believes voters should have a clear choice on spending, on immigration and on the right to keep and bear arms.

"The Second Amendment is about individual empowerment and the responsibility we have to protect ourselves and our neighbors and to be prepared to protect the constitution from our very own government should it ever come to that," said Spencer.