Legal filing accuses Fort Bend truancy court of criminal wrongdoing

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These are serious allegations but this is a serious issue,” said attorney Deron Harrington.

This latest legal filing accuses a long list of Fort Bend County officials of numerous crimes including aggravated perjury tampering with government records and official oppression.

Alleged crimes to maintain what the lawsuit calls a school to prison pipeline for failing to attend class.

“We prosecuted 45 thousand kids since 2007 for an offense they lack the criminal culpability to have committed,” Harrington said.

This is county employee Josie Platz.

Harrington’s smoking gun so to speak.

From 2011 to 2014 she was the truancy court coordinator.

She says the truancy court was out of control and a huge mess.

“That they had no training that they were filing multiple charges against the kids for the same offense,” said Harrington.

Harrington is asking for a court of inquiry.
He believes he has probable cause for law officials outside of Fort Bend County to investigate what he calls numerous criminal offenses against Fort Bend I.S.D. students.

Since his legal filing accuses a number of Fort Bend County officials of committing crimes, Harrington admits the chances of an inquiry and criminal charges are slim.

“There’s a reason why we decriminalized truancy in the state of Texas and some of the lawless behavior that occurred in Fort Bend County is part of the reason why.

Fort Bend County Attorney Ray Cordes has publicly denied any criminal wrongdoing on the part of Fort Bend County officials or employees.
Same thing goes for Fort Bend I.S.D. which says Harrington’s legal filings are without merit.