League City girl, 10, meets her idol Carol Burnett

Many 10-year-old's may not even know who Carol Burnett is, but a girl in League City not only knows her, she loves her. Now she can say she got to meet her.

Isabella Maddix got to meet Burnett at Jones Hall Tuesday night, and she made a great first impression with her version of the curtain rod dress Burnett wore to spoof "Gone with the Wind".

Isabella could hardly contain the joy she felt over meeting her idol.

"I mean knowing that I'm going to see her like maybe a hundred feet away, is awesome," Maddix says. "But getting to know that I'm going to be able to hug her, and talk to her in person, just really made me happy."

Isabella was a hit with other Burnett fans, as well, who kept asking for pictures after the show.