Jury in A.J. Armstrong trial hears 911 call

Wednesday was day two of the trial of a Bellaire teenager accused killing his parents in their bedroom back in 2016.

Jurors heard the 911 call made by the boy after his parents were shot.

Antonio Armstrong, Jr. was just 16 years old when he called 911 and police arrived to find both his parents shot in the head in their bedroom with pillows over their faces.

On Wednesday, there was debate over whether to let the jury hear the 911 call made by the teen charged with capital murder.

Ultimately, the judge decided to let it play.

Parts of the call are hard to hear as Armstrong is whispering.

The prosecution transcribed its interpretation.

We have the video of that transcript.

The jury was instructed to listen for its own interpretation.

Partway into the call, Armstrong tells the dispatcher he thinks his dad kept a gun in the drawer right next to his bed.

Dispatchers then ask if he hears anything else.

He says he hears a loud high pitched noise.

The dispatcher asks where his parents' bedroom is located, then tells him that police are on the way.

The dispatcher asks whether anyone needs “medical.”

He says, "I have no clue. I don't know."

He tells the dispatcher he's calling from a closet on the third floor of the home, and that his 12-year-old sister is on the second floor.

Later in the call, he's heard saying, "How'd you get into our house?"

The dispatcher tells him that if he hears anything, it might be the police, because they're almost there.

Armstrong says, "I heard some of them."

Armstrong is then heard giving further directions on how to get to the house.

The dispatcher asks if police knocked on the door yet.

He responds, "Mmhmm."

Armstrong then goes on to say, "It's all my fault."

That is the key sentence a lot of people are focusing on today.

He then says, "I see lights outside of my house. What do I do?"

The dispatcher says, "When they knock on the door, you can go down there. Well, is anyone on the first level?"

"No," says Armstrong. "It's just our living room and kitchen."

The dispatcher eventually tells Armstrong to leave the house.

He tries to wake up his sister on the second floor.

He's heard saying, "Kayra, you gotta get up. Come on.... I heard gunshots in mom and dad's room."

He's then heard saying, "I'm the one that called.” and “Kayra come on," and the recording ends.

Armstrong has pleaded not guilty, saying an intruder killed his parents. There is no DNA linking him to the crime.