Jasmine, 13, hoping for loving, permanent family

Jasmine, 13, has dreams of owning her own bakery, but what she wants most is a loving, permanent family. 

She loves dance and cheer. The Cougar Dolls at the University of Houston met with her to teach her some cheers.

“I have a positive attitude.  Plus, I don't like people thinking there's no way you can get adopted,” she said. 

Across Houston, there is a huge need for forever homes for older children in foster care.

“She does need someone who can love her, connect with her and somebody she can learn to trust and establish a secure bond and attachment with,” said Atasha Kelley-Harris with Depelchin Children’s Center.

Depelchin Children’s Center offers adoption assistance to families.

Jasmine wants a parent in her life who will be there well into adulthood to help her realize her dreams.

“Traveling or going to college and supporting my dream of opening my own shop,” she said. 

If you’re interested in adopting Jasmine or any other child, email gettingstarted@depelchin.org